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Word War Lord

I and my cousin get into fight due to consistent wrong news about us. We get into the girl’s house and confront her of what she is doing. Then she shouts on us saying that we deserve what we’re getting from her. She was the ex- girlfriend of our male cousin who actually made her cried over one joke that even leads to break up.

Then, just to make her realized that we are not turning our back and let her do what she’s doing, we shout in the top of our lungs that she is no “Virgin” anymore. She cries over it. I and my cousin somehow, get guilty with what we have done. My mother said, “Whatever she did, whatever she had said about you two, better ignore it as long as you know the truth.” From there we learned that we just need our family’s faith and trust towards us even if the worse among the worse of all words were being tailed to our names.

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Posted on October 17th, 2012 by euphri


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