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Promises are really made to be Broken

Me and my ex boyfriend got a promise that whenever out high school graduation came, he will face my family and tell them that he willing to wait for me, but then, it became all lies. The night of our graduation, I saw a girl standing in his side crying. She came from the lower year and she is pregnant.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t even raise my face to my mother and my father just to hide the truth that I am a broken hearted one. It should be a great night because I already passed the high school scenario that I always wanted to pass by. In our family dinner, as a celebration for my graduation, my sister asked me while we are inside the comfort room, and she comforted me and told me to stop crying if I want to hide it from my mother and my father.
Since then, I always tell myself that I don’t have to listen and believe the promises that one was going to throw to me. Just listen to what you heart is saying and to what you were feeling towards the person. Never expect, for it can give you much more heartaches.

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Posted on November 4th, 2012 by euphri


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