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Puppy Love into a Dog Fight

I always had this feeling that there is nothing going to happen between me and my childhood friend JB. He doesn’t like someone who was as lousy as I am. The thing is, when we are in grade school, 5th grade particularly, puppy love is what they call it, we happened to like each other. He told me that he likes me, and I answered the same thing to him. That was my first love that I know.

Somehow, it became so different that we used to build fences in each other’s side. We used to argue with that thing. Even our friend used to say that we are overacting the things. Then, we finally got our limitation of what we have called patience. We shout out to each other and even called it off. That’s when we have learn that we are being confused to what we’ve have then. Maybe, that time, we see that we need each other to fulfill what was empty in our childish life. I was a lousy one and he was stronger than me that even other kids were being so frightened to him.

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Posted on November 4th, 2012 by euphri


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