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Better Person than Me

I have a boyfriend few years ago, whom I separated with because of the reason that I may not be the best girl for him. He was such a good man with such a good heart for others. I thought that he’s just seeing me as one of those people that he need to help and give the love to make the world better.

I am not as good girl as he was as a man. He was patient, open minded and happy person, he used to make me laugh and I even smile just thinking of him, until one day, I heard him and his mom fighting over me. I realized that love should not be like that. Love cannot be as selfish as he was doing then. I told him that we have to call it quit. I told him that there might be some better girl that his mother must like for him.

Since that day I never saw again. I know that whatever he does, he does it as a good person and as a good man. Until one day, a common friend of ours told me that he ran away from his wedding and never goes back. Then he came to me just half a year ago saying that he don’t want to lie to himself and to the person he’s going to married. I never entertained it. But still, I am guilty. I felt that I have mistaken to let him go. Lesson learned; there were no one and nobody who can tell whose better for a person to be with, but the person itself.

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Posted on November 8th, 2012 by euphri


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