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Walking Shoes

That long walk, somehow important to me, as a wanderlust. Walking, as the oldest way of transportation lets you see places you could never visually imagine. But what happened when you wore that wrong pair of shoes to support your walking needs. As a teen age girl, fashion is essential, being fab is more important than getting high grades in class. In many of my adventures, I have always preferred walking so I can savor my eyes with wonderful pieces of paradise.

One time in those beginning years of travelling I had this one trip that I wore a cute silver ballet shoes. I wanted to look good instead of feel comfortable. I knew there would be a lot of walking since it’s a seaside trip, but nonetheless I did. At no longer than 2 hours travel my feet started aching and had to go to the nearest shop to get a pair of slippers, my feet had sores and little cuts which made the pain worst. Placed Band-Aid, I was relieved a little. Dressing the appropriate clothes is very important; comfy is sure more necessary than being fashionable.

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Posted on November 21st, 2012 by happy22hour29


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