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It’s my favorite shirt you jerk!

Do you know that feeling after sex when you’re both still lying down and trying to catch you breath? It’s great right? Well one time, for me, it was so bad. You see, I laid off on the pills because they were making me always irritated so my boyfriend and I practiced withdrawal.

We haven’t seen each other for 1 month because he was away on a business trip so we stayed in his apartment for the whole day. After every orgasm I would always lie back and close my eyes while he got the liquid off me.
While we were still in his bed, his mom suddenly knocked on the door. What great timing for unexpected visit. Out of his panic, he grabbed the first thing he got hold of and wiped his liquid off my belly.

Because I was panicking too, I just grabbed one of his shirts and went straight to the bathroom. When his mom had gone we laughed at ourselves and decided to get some lunch. After a whole day of making love and what not, I decided to clean his room.

Little did I know at that time, with our 5 rounds, he was using one of the many blouses I’ve left in his room. To my horror, it was the blouse my granny gave me before she died. I loved that blouse so much because I sort of considered it my lucky blouse. But I couldn’t use it anymore because it looked like white cloth meet with cream liquid cheese. The semen had dried up and it was really gross. He told me that he thought I knew what he had been using to wipe his semen off my belly or back and he just gave me an apologetic smile. That night I made a mental note to my self to always put a roll of tissue paper in his headboard.

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Posted on October 18th, 2013 by dawn


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