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Attacked By A Green-Eyed Monster

Although it has been ages since you were being cheated, the memories will never be erased. Sometimes it gets worst, making you paranoid. Even if you wanted to disregard the suspicion you felt yet it will still comes back like a thief in the night; never giving any signs when it will attack.

The green-eyed monster is just like that. Jealousy is indeed unpredictable and uncontrollable most especially if you have experiences being cheated. However, even if it is uncontrollable it is not a disease which is incurable; because there are ways to avoid the occurrence of jealousy. One way is to keep your partner faithful to you. If it could not be helped then he must stay away from things which make you jealous. That is to make you feel loved and secure.

The greatest mistake in life I had experience is that I allow this green-eyed monster to consume my being. For that my marriage was on the rocks; good thing my auntie who is a member of a Christian community urged me and my husband to join their counseling. If not for them our marriage must have been broken by now.

It all started when I caught my husband having an affair with one of our clients whose husband was a sea farer. Their relationship was still budding at that time when I caught them; thus it was curtailed. However, the pain and the trauma it had on me haunts every night and day; it even gets worst every time my husband will go somewhere without me by his side. I would really go paranoid and started to panic. I could not contact him since I didn’t give him any mobile phone anymore.

My job was even affected with this green-eyed monster attacks. You can’t blame me for this, don’t you? I really could not help it, every time he’s away I always thought that he was fooling around or meeting somebody else. Thus it would make me irritable for the rest of the day. Later I realized that it was not doing me any good at all. I need to get rid of this since I was becoming unproductive and grumpy which scares my daughter. I don’t want her to grow up in fear as well as with less confidence just because of what I have been showing to her. For this I decided to see a psychiatrist to help me get rid of my insecurities.

When I was on my way to my friend who is a psychiatrist I met my auntie, I told her where I am heading when she ask me. Then she told me that paying a psychiatrist professional fee is expensive; if I want to save then all I have to do is to lift all my worries to Jesus and join their fellowship instead. So I called my husband to proceed to my auntie’s house when he will be out from work.

During the fellowship, I felt I was being washed and cleansed. I poured out all the anger and hatred I kept deep inside me and cried with all my heart. They were praying over me while I was lifting all of my concerns to God. Surprisingly I felt relief after the fellowship and so was my husband; then their elders gave us counsel. He told us to join their group for us to strengthen our faith in God and let God worked in our midst to protect us not only from harm but from temptation as well.

Because I want to save our marriage, we both agreed to join couples for Christ and become an active member since then. With God’s grace our relationship is now strengthened, both of us became patient with each other’s shortcomings. By that, we thank God for saving our marriage. God is indeed good all the time.

LESSON: When you fell down and lonely, when you feel all alone and trodden over; lift all of your worries to God and He will make a way. God is good all the time.

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Posted on December 10th, 2012 by Anonymous


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