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Choose comfort to brand name

Recently my husband and I have been taking a full advantage of the park in front of our home by adding jogging to our daily routines. When watching the last Olympics in London, I have become mesmerized by the Olympians’ electric shoes and wanted a pair for myself, too. Naturally, they were manufactured by Nike. My husband spent a ton of money on them just to make me happy. We had to return the first order as the running shoes were too small. When the next pair came, I happily demonstrated them to my relatives via Skype. The big disappointment came when I actually put them on my feet and went for a jog. Half an hour later I was back with a painful blister on my toe. It turned out that despite the lightness the shoes did not provide the necessary comfort – not for my feet anyway. Quickly, I decided to return the shoes and get the money back. More so, I decided to not buy shoes online but to go to the store next time and choose something that I am comfortable with before I walk out.

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Posted on December 11th, 2012 by DoraMarinov


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