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Yes, He is…

“He will just use you and then leave you if he had enough out of you”, and I believed them at first
So many people had told me that I made a mistake that I’m making a wrong move, I have so many opportunities but then I let it go. That if I will leave him there is much more to come, blah3x…. But to be honest I don’t really give a care… for I have found my happily ever-after… Yes, and because of him I believed in soul -mates. Do you want to know why? It’s been a year now that He gave us a chance to meet again. You see, both of us are Nurse, but, we have different schools (we never had the same school), we live in different city, meet many friends along the way and had a long-term relationship with someone else. So the possibility of meeting a certain person in a different field is one in a million. Never had we known that the world had find a way to rotate in order for us to meet again But, yes, we had meet in a place we’re we both apply as a Document analyst, we started working together then he remembered me from somewhere that time, and ask me if I still know him because , Yes. We are both reviewers in a certain review center 2 years before meeting him again in that office. That time we never had the chance to get close or even talk to each other because, 1. The one supporting me financially wanted someone else for me. 1. Were in a different row and have friends 2. Where preparing for our future careers 3. One of his friends (our review mate) had given his attention to me. So no chance at all you’ll say, right? And my mistake was I never gave him a chance to get to know me because I had thought back then that he is boastful. But then you forgot that we have meet again and is working together know. We started to know each other little by little, Go out with friends, shared stories about our family (which was disturbingly similar to each other)like our mothers was both in heaven and our fathers had a family of their own. My aunty raised me while he was with his uncle… Because of the stories we had share to each other we became close. Best friends to be exact. And eventually became lovers… Yes, like any imperfect relationships we had our own ups and down and I know there’s many more to come but I know we will conquer it all because we will not let it get in our way, No struggles can break us. We had a beautiful daughter Mia, our beautiful angel. Yes, were still creating a happily-ever after life. But at least I have found him, my soul-mate, my happy-ever after.

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Posted on April 25th, 2014 by bonita


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