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My furry child

She was a beautiful thick coated German Shepherd. I called her my furry child. She was lovable and very intelligent. She completed our family. One day we noticed that she had difficulty climbing steps. She seemed tired and sad. We took her to the vet for tests. She had cancer.
I never realized that the rate for cancer in dogs is similar to that in humans. She had all her vaccinations. We regularly took her to the vet for checkups. No one has told us that cancer could be prevented by spaying female dogs before their first heat cycle, but I should have read more about dog health and conditions. The vet said they would operate and that she would be fine.
I called to hear how the operation went. I could feel something was not right, but they told me we could fetch her after a night in observation. The next day I called to make sure we could get her at the arranged time. They told me she had died. She had bled uncontrollably during the operation. They had hoped that she would make it through the night, but she didn’t. I miss my furry child. I miss her wet kisses all over my face. I miss her laughing face. She was both a guard dog and a companion. She would protect us with her life. I failed her. She lost her life.

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Posted on January 8th, 2013 by ErnaV


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