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Every cloud …

I felt suicidal. I just couldn’t go on. I had no job, but a family to support. I thought I couldn’t fall further – but I did. I lost my friends one by one. Family members started averting their eyes when in my presence. There were always the unsaid words, the fear that my circumstances could contaminate theirs and the ultimate rejection.

I wanted to provide for my children. I was well qualified and very productive, but the economy took a turn. I knew I wasn’t the only one facing this predicament, but that didn’t make me feel less like a loser. I applied for hundreds of jobs. Sometimes I received rejection letters. Most of the time not even that. Perhaps the prospective employers didn’t want to waste the time sending out emails. Perhaps they just didn’t care. My references grew stale. I felt my hope slipping away in the dry lands of despair.

But I kept on. At least I could teach my children to persevere. At least I could see who would stand by us and who wouldn’t.

Then one day I got a call. An interview followed. I didn’t make it. They asked questions, trying to catch me off-guard – and they did. I didn’t get the job. But they did call me. I was one of the two final candidates – the other one out shined me in one aspect of work experience. That I could accept.

And I could learn from my mistakes. At least I now know what type of questions I can expect during an interview and I can be better prepared for the next one I know I’m going to get.

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Posted on January 20th, 2013 by ErnaV


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