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Being a fool

I was a second year art student at university. It was our final presentations of our work. We kept the work we had done throughout the year and for the exam in a room at the university. I was the last student to be criticized that day.
When I went to fetch my work I found that the room was locked. I told the lecturers that the person who had the key had apparently already left. He left early that day.
They told me that it was my responsibility and that they would fail me. They were relentless. I left that day feeling bitter and angry.
I dropped out of art and I changed my study course. I still feel that the treatment was unfair. I now know that I should have taken it up with the dean of the university. I should not have let my feelings of hurt change the course of my life.

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Posted on January 27th, 2013 by ErnaV


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