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We were celebrating our 1 yr anniversary at a fancy restaurant. Just when we decided to go, I excused myself first to go to the powder room and when there, I was shocked to see his ex crying. She was the girl he left because he fell in love with me. I felt bad for her so I handed her my handkerchief and asked her what was wrong.

She told me all the memories of their 5 yr relationship flashed backed when she saw us dining in our table and having the time of our lives. She told me they were like that too before he fell out of love and how sure I was that she was not in his heart/mind anymore.

When I went back to my boyfriend (feeling paranoid as hell), I suddenly had the urge to ask him about his ex. How he feels about her now. He told me why I’d ask such a question on our anniversary and that was it. Our wonderful dinner turned into one huge fight ending into a bad break up all because the little green monster in me was awakened for such a stupid reason.

It occurs to me now that I never should’ve been jealous that night. To think he surprised me with a beautiful dinner, gave me flowers and oh yeah he gave me a promise ring too. I don’t know. Maybe I got so scared of losing him because I realized that night how much I love him. My point is I shouldn’t have talked to him about it that night because I was still very angry and hurt about what the b*tch had said.

All is good now but I learned after that night that we women must always control our jealousy and not make decisions when we are angry, sad or too happy.

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Posted on April 30th, 2014 by dawn


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