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Current season’s trend in a thrift store

I am into very designer brands. All my clothes, shoes and bags are designer-labeled. I was on my way home when I saw this thrift store and decided to check out some clothes. Not sure if all clothes were dirty or used by others, I wanted to fit it to see how well I would look on it. I got out of the fitting area to the nearby mirror because there were no mirrors inside the fitting room. I looked at myself in the mirror for 2 minutes and didn’t notice somebody got into the room where I have my things on. Thinking I have my bag with me, I didn’t even worry because nothing would be stolen there. The girl came out and paid for her purchases then I got into the same fitting room where I was, only to find out that the girl brought my cardigan. It was a designer cardigan given by my aunt on Christmas. I rushed to go get her but security stopped me before leaving, accusing me of shoplifting. There goes a $500 cardigan. What I learned from this experience? Never leave your things unattended; especially in a thrift store where dozens of clothes are being sold, you wouldn’t even notice they sold the one you wore just a few minutes ago.

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Posted on February 2nd, 2013 by krstlj


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