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Apple- makes you depreciate things

I was really excited to buy my very own iPod touch. I researched on eBay and Amazon the possible prices for it. When I saved enough money for the iPod, I went to the mall and found out that the prices at the mall were much more expensive. I lacked $50. Good thing that my mother was with me. I seriously begged for her to lend me $50 because I really wanted to buy it that day. After a few arguments and viewpoints, I finally convinced her. She said she won’t be giving me my allowance for the two months. I didn’t argue with her anymore. All I wanted was to buy it and use it already. A few weeks had passed; Apple came out with the new iPod touch 5 which was so much better than mine. I was so pissed off because I didn’t know and haven’t researched or read online that they were going to come up with a new product. Then it hit me—maybe at first, the iPod touch 4th generation wasn’t meant for me. I realized that maybe I still had a month or two to save up for the new iPod and if my money won’t be enough, I could borrow some for my mom. Second, it was raining so hard the day I bought the iPod. But I still went out and forced my mom too so we could buy it already. Third, my birthday is going to be a few months after they released the iPod touch 5. I thought that maybe my parents could give it to me as a birthday present or something. So there. I had no choice. I was stuck with the iPod touch 4th generation because I was too impatient to wait. I have learned my lesson, though. I have to open my eyes for the signs that God has better plans for me. I shouldn’t be forcing whatever I want to happen. I should’ve just gone on with the flow of my life.

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Posted on February 11th, 2013 by krstlj


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