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And the Dress was Gone

One day I went shopping with a friend. It was my very first shopping experience as my mum always used to buy me things. I saw a beautiful party dress at a shop which was not too expensive. I wanted it bad but I thought if I looked some more, I would get the same dress from some other shop for a lower price. My friend suggested that I buy it…but I didn’t listen. I searched the whole shopping mall for that dress but nobody else had it. There were many other nice dresses, but that dress was definitely far better than any other dress I liked. After a long search of 3 hours, I gave up and went back to that shop to buy the dress. And the dress was gone. I was just 5 minutes late as the lady who had bought it was standing at the counter paying for that dress. Now whenever I go shopping and I like something with a reasonable price, I never miss the opportunity to buy it.

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Posted on February 22nd, 2013 by Light


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