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Sex at a New Place

My boyfriend and I attended his uncle’s swimming party a few months ago. It was held in a rest house which was just a few feet away from the sea. His uncle’s friend owned the place and they were all so grateful for accommodating the entire family. After everybody else was drunk at 2 in the morning, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex in the room which we were going to stay at. When we both finished, my boyfriend told me to dress up because somebody might come in. I told him not to worry because it was locked and nobody in the right mind would go in since they knew we stayed there. We passed out after that conversation and just a few hours later, somebody came in and just stared at us. My boyfriend woke up and immediately covered our body with blankets. The man who came in was a butler turned out we stayed at the wrong room. It was a storage room or supply room which had a bed in it because the butler takes little nap in that bed. Lesson learned: never sleep naked in somebody else’s house. If an evacuation or a bed sheet emergency happened, you could waste so much time putting your clothes on. Besides, I don’t even think it’s proper. So I suggest, don’t have sex in other people’s houses.

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Posted on February 26th, 2013 by krstlj


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