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$250 Tea

When I was in college, my friend and I were having tea in the break time. The bell rang and the recess was over but we needed more time to finish our tea. Our math teacher used to be really strict and didn’t tolerate anybody arriving late in the class. We were aware of it, but we hoped that he would be late, too…and we would be safe. About 10 min later when we went back in the class, we saw him from the stairs shouting at some boys for being late. We were terrified and we rushed back to the canteen where I pretended to have low blood pressure and acted like fainting. I asked my friend to go to the office and ask for some medicine just so they could have it on record that I was unwell.Back in the class, my teacher sent our bags at the reception thinking that we had bunked his class. He demanded to see our parents before we could be allowed to sit in the class. Later on we told him why we had to skip the class and he asked how I was feeling…everything became OK…until they played the tape in the office to see what had happened. We were new to college and didn’t know they were having hidden cameras everywhere…We had to pay the penalty of $250. My teacher told us that it wouldn’t have gotten this far if we had just apologized instead. Later we came to know that he never even shouted at girls, and that he was only firm with boys.

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Posted on March 8th, 2013 by Light


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