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Buy One, Just One

When I seriously had nothing to do with my life, at one point, and needed extra money, I decided to come up with a business. Since I know a place where cheap fashion accessories were being sold, I thought maybe I could resell them since every girl wants fashionable items hanging from their neck, ears, hands, etc… Good thing was that the market that was selling the accessories knows the latest trends and what’s in for the season. I started selling in my neighborhood and a nearby school. Then I also advertised on my social networking sites. The first few weeks were amazing. Then in 2 months, people stopped buying from me. I wondered why. I contacted people, asking why I haven’t heard from them anymore, they just don’t reply. After a few weeks, I decided to stop buying from the market and just stop selling them entirely. Days later, I found out somebody sold accessories like I did, but hers was just too cheap and she had promos. Like, she has a buy one take one gig, buy two take four thing, then it hit me—how stupid could I be to not think of those? I hate how I wasn’t using my mind entirely. In the business world, one must be prepared to gamble, to take risks and give extra to have loyal customers. It just sucks how I thought I could make them all buy from me. Not that the other seller had promos, but also, she sells them for a way cheaper price. There goes my part time business venture.

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Posted on March 10th, 2013 by krstlj


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