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Cheating With Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

After finally accepting that my two-year relationship was really over, my best friend’s boyfriend, Red, helped me move on and get over my ex quickly. We always talked on the phone, exchanged text messages for hours, met occasionally for tea or pizza but my best friend, Andrea, who is his girlfriend, doesn’t know that we do those things. Andrea didn’t even have a clue that we knew each other. One time, when I was with Andrea in a restaurant, she suddenly asked me if she could invite her Red to have dinner with us. Since I “haven’t met her boyfriend” yet, I simply agreed. A few moments later, Red arrived and we were both introduced to each other. We talked and asked a lot of things about each other while we had dinner, like as if we just really met. Andrea was so fond of us talking. It was every girl’s dream that her best friend and boyfriend would get along so well. After dinner, Red hailed a cab for Andrea. I was left there waiting for one and he was standing next to me. We smiled at each other and both said we were such great actors. Months passed, we continued to see and talk to each other. He would fetch me in school and my friends would think he’s my boyfriend. While we were on our way home, he invited me to come over to his house for a party. I told him immediately that I couldn’t because Andrea was going but he convinced me to go because she wasn’t going. That night, I dreamt that Andrea found out the little dates her boyfriend and I were doing and decided to defriend me then I woke up to a heavy feeling. Then I thought about how my Andrea would feel if she knew what was happening between her boyfriend and me. If ever, I wouldn’t want my best friend sneaking around with my boyfriend behind my back. It would hurt me so much. After that dream, I told Red we couldn’t and shouldn’t be doing those things we used to do anymore. We could still chat online occasionally but the meeting, dinner, fetching and hours on the phone talking needed to stop. It was totally cheating. Nobody wants be to be cheated on after all. So it was a good idea to start with ourselves before feelings got hurt and relationships start to break. Then I remembered the saying, “if he cheated on his girlfriend for you, if you two ended up together, chances are, you’re going to be cheated on too as well.” We knew it was for the best. We ended up not telling Andrea because we weren’t going to do it anymore to make things worse. After all, we’re not going to be acting like we’re lovers anymore. We weren’t even lovers because we never told each other how we felt. And I don’t think there was a love connection between us. Maybe we were just bored that time, in need of somebody who would always be there for you 24/7. But it was wrong of me to think my best friend’s boyfriend is that person.

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Posted on March 19th, 2013 by krstlj

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Your experience is a tough, but well learned lesson! You gained a great understanding.


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