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Jack of All Trades

When I was in high school there were many things I could do. I could play the piano. I knew the guitar. I was a pianter. I used to write as well. I knew cooking. Golf. Basketball. I knew everything, you name it.But guess what? I was terrible at everything. I never focused on one thing. I kept hurtling from one thing to the next. And not because I wanted to know everything in the world…but because I used to get fed up so quick. I played the worst piano in the whole world. So I picked up the guitar. I was no good at it, so I thought of painting…and so on. Then I thought it was about time I anchored myself in one place. I joined piano lessons. It did not work for the first 5 months. But then bit by bit I began to understand it. I’m not the best piano player on earth today, but I can play a lot of songs on it. And guess what? I still take piano classes and I never get tired of them…because it only happens at first when you are frustrated and you don’t understand something. Once your concepts begin to get clear…you don’t find it that bad and then it’s sure to cruise you to victory.

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Posted on March 27th, 2013 by Light


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