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Don’t Be Too Sure! II: Is Failing A Failure?

After I failed the school of medicine entrance exams, I decided that I will not have a normal life until I find something that I can be proud of. I changed my dream and opted to become a businesswoman, instead. Before I can even start my new life, my father became ill and I had to take care of him. I started reopen my communication to others and asked for help for my father because our family is so broke right now. It was really a hard year for me after everything that’s happened but it also opened a lot of hope. Luckily my father survived but can never get back to work because of the nature of his illness. This time I was really more than willing to work for my family. And then a relative saw my potential and volunteered to sponsor for my education if I would want to give it another shot in the medical school where I flunked. I thought, my family needs me to work, not to study medicine and in addition, I gave up that dream a year ago. But then my mother said that I shouldn’t worry too much. I should just follow my dreams and take this opportunity and give it my best because she can still provide for our family, besides, business world doesn’t suit me at all. Then I took the offer. I gave medicine another shot, and guess what, I passed the exams. I learned that real failure is when you stop trying, also, failing is not the end. I may have failed the first time but if not because of that I wouldn’t have helped my father and gained a sponsor for my education. I also wouldn’t have this wisdom right now. We must always see the brighter side of everything because it gives you hope.

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Posted on April 7th, 2013 by Es Tee


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