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Secret behind shoes

We learn from our mistakes and my life is full of such learning. Now, don’t think that it’s my hobby to make mistakes but unfortunately I end up doing so. Yet my mistakes are mostly sweet and silly. So I thought why not share my stories as most of my mistakes are hilarious.
It was April when I went to attend my brother’s friend wedding. We reached the wedding place a day before the wedding. My brother’s friend is a very good guy who generally maintains low profile. I know him very well but I didn’t know anything about the bride. The first day all we friends had a great time; we cracked jokes and were chatting till late night. Next day we all were supposed to be at the wedding hall by 9 A.M but we got up late so by the time we reached the wedding hall the wedding already started. It was Indian wedding and I was getting bored with the time taking rituals. So I thought of taking a walk with my brother as it was a long time we had met.

While walking out my brother showed me a poster of the bride and groom, which was a picture taken during their engagement. My brother pointed out to the groom’s shoes and then to his own shoes. They were both same. I asked him “how come you both have same pair of shoes? Did you guys buy in a sale or something?” He replied “No, they are mine. The groom didn’t have time for his engagement shopping so I offered him my new shoes as it’s just a matter of one day he needs to wear.” On this I should have kept my mouth shut but rather once we went inside the wedding hall I spilled the beans out among his friends. It was intended for fun.

But here what happened was that when we went for a group pic with the couple I asked the same question to the groom as to how come he and brother have the same shoes. Now, the groom was giving some lame explanations and his words were stumbling. The moment I said that the bride she immediately looked at my brother’s feet and straight up to the groom’s face. All the friends started laughing and the groom got embarrassed in front of his bride. Later I realized I should have not spoken about that in front of the bride at least.
Lesson: Always crack personal jokes or spill personal secrets among the known audience.

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Posted on May 14th, 2014 by Anonymous


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