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It is the time of the year when dried and crispy leaves are all over the place again. I was in grade school then and I love to play with the dried leaves pretending that they are confetti. I became bored after a while because I realized that it’s just dried leaves. I thought of something to make things interesting and I remembered what I saw on television. I think it was a series drama, they were sweeping the dried leaves and then they burned it. I thought of burning the leaves so I got a match. It was quite fun and I burned a leaf at a time. I did not sweep though because I was lazy. And then before I realized it, my fire got bigger and bigger. I almost burned the village if it wasn’t for my mother who saw and prevented the fire. Our village was full of dried leaves all over so I guess my fire made a chain reaction. After that day I had the title of being a menace. The villagers hated me and my parents were so embarrassed about what happened so I was grounded for the week. Televisions are for entertainment and not everything that it shows can be tried at home especially if it involves fire, violence, etc.

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Posted on April 11th, 2013 by Es Tee


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