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Never Too Late for Conversion

I was a war freak until I was seven years old. My family would always hear me quarrelling with other kids in the neighborhood. As several of the kids I mingle with are from the slums, I have learned to use vulgarities. I was disrespectful and disobedient. But all these I have managed to keep from my friends and teachers in school. All they know is that I have a bad temper.

After several years of trying to blend with the kind of neighborhood I had, I decided to cut off all ties with them. I rarely ever went outside, and I focused myself on studying. In school, we were taught of basic catechism, and so my rough personality softened little by little.

But there was a nagging hesitation at the back of my mind. I thought that I would never be welcomed by such a peace-loving person called God. I would most probably be rejected for all the sins I have committed as a child, and my prayers would never reach him. Yes, my young mind was unbearably pessimistic.

As though God was hearing my thoughts, we were then given a weekly assignment for our catechism class. We were supposed to go to Holy Mass every Sunday. Our teacher will check those who have gone to mass and those who haven’t by asking questions relative to the readings for that day.

As a student vying for honors, I took this ‘assignment’ seriously as I know it will be graded. And so I did not miss a single mass for the entire school year and listened intently to the readings and to the homily.

Little did I know that this would pave the way for my true conversion.

From all the Eucharistic celebrations I have attended, I was inspired strongly to believe more and more each day to God, and also to myself, that I could rise above sin and forgive myself for the flawed past I have led.

I was mistaken to think that God is a punishing God. In reality, He is a merciful and forgiving one, always ready to receive those who willingly come to Him.

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Posted on April 16th, 2013 by simplejoys


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