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Stretching to the Limits

Every year in high school, we were assigned a certain sport to learn. We took basic taekwondo lessons in our first year. It was relatively easy, since I estimated that it was probably governed only by agility, flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. No sweat.

Well, that was my initial perception of the sport.

On the first day of our physical education classes, we were tasked to perform only some basic stretching. As I have a very flexible body, I went on flexing my muscles to the fullest while my classmates were already struggling with the some of the stretching exercises.

But then karma has something in store for conceited exhibitionists like me. We were seated on the floor and our legs need to be spread wide apart. I could do a Chinese split if I put my mind into it and so I did exactly just that with only minimal modesty. I felt a tugging pain on my hamstrings then. But I continued with the rest of the leg exercises without much thought.

After the leg stretches, we were already told to stand up. With much difficulty, I complied, but then my legs were threatening to give in.

And give in they did. I found myself sprawled on the mat.

I was assisted by some of my classmates to a nearby bench. My PE teacher, probably already knowing what happened to me, told me to sit out for the rest of the remaining period if I preferred. Of course, I did not miss her chastising remarks about forcing oneself too much on the first go.
No more showing off for me ever since that day.

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Posted on April 24th, 2013 by simplejoys


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