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Missing His Performance

Our school hosts an annual competition in search for the ideal young man and lady to serve as the model of the whole student body. I could care less about such things as I never concerned myself with this superficial trivial event; however, this time around, I simply could not seem to sit out on this one, not when my best friend-slash-crush is joining the pageant.

Obviously, I expressed my utmost support and faith in him, but as we are used to bickering and such, most of my words came out sarcastically. If he got the message I was trying to imply or not, only he would know.

In the contest, there is a talent portion. Knowing him like the back of my hand, I was sure he could find something to show off to the whole student body. After all, he is a jack of all trades. And so I did not bother assisting him with his practices and whatnot, though I did promise I will watch his performance.

I failed to keep the promise. I was too preoccupied in my extra-curricular activities that I forgot that the exposition of talents was on that day. With a friend reminding me of this fact, I rushed to the auditorium just to see if he was already up.

He had just finished performing by the time I got there. And he was there, beaming with mirth even though from what I have gathered he forgot the lyrics to the song he was singing.

I was disheartened to discover I was a little too late to witness his performance, more so that I was not there to support him when was in a pinch. Still, I managed to mock him about him in my haste to cover up the emotions inside me. He still took it light-heartedly, and I was relieved that it did not affect him so much.

But when he asked me if I did see his failure of a performance, I admitted that I did not arrive soon enough to witness it. And there was silence.

I never promised anything to him since then, nor did I to anyone else. It feels horrible not being able to live up to your own words.

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Posted on April 27th, 2013 by simplejoys


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