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When I was a kid, it seemed like money was never in my hands. My parents won’t even give me some instead they give me food for break time such as juice and biscuits. I never experienced buying candies and toys from the money I got instead I beg my parents until they buy me what I want. So, I grew up tempted to money and any form of it. That’s a problem I wanted to get away. From a very young age, I also learned about gambling not from my parents but from the other kids from the neighborhood and also from my cousins. Every time there were “peryahan” at the city we would go. “Peryahan” or “Perya” is like a native term or should I say a colloquial word for circus but only there were games involving gambling. We were fascinated to play just to make a penny to bucks. For me as a kid who never had a large amount of money, it was a real deal knowing that I could buy things without asking money from my parents every time so I tried it. I borrowed money from my playmate and started to bet. For few rounds my coins’ worth doubled so I really got excited. Then my friend told me to try betting whole of my winnings so I did but unfortunately I lost. I was dismayed and cried my way to our home.

Lesson: Never be greedy with money.

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Posted on May 17th, 2014 by Louise18


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