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Over confident

It the first day of my sophomore year when I decided it was okay to go to school without my false tooth. I had my dentist fix it the day before and couldn’t give it to me in time. So there I was thinking nobody will notice me with one of my front tooth gone.
When I walked into the class room one of my new classmates said “wow! Another pretty face to fill the room”. I was beaming inside coz he called me a pretty face when he didn’t know I was missing a tooth. LOL. That gave me more confidence to go on with my day.
What I didn’t know was that by the 2nd period a new teacher wanted to get to know us so she asked us to stay in front and talk about ourselves. Shit. I thought what am I going to do now. I got by 1st period great without talking. So I was already sweating by time it was almost my turn. I told myself I’d just cover my mouth with my hanky and they wouldn’t notice.
I was in front of everyone who half of them I didn’t know. I covered my mouth with my hanky when I started to introduce myself. Our teacher said, to stop it and talk properly but I couldn’t so I told her I had a toothache. When she still insisted I put down my hanky tears were threatening to fall down so I just ran straight outside and into the nurse’s clinic. I stayed there until my mom arrived with my new false tooth. I got it on and went back to my class and answered their questions with just a shrug. Sure they thought I was weird but later on they forgot that day. So if I were you, and you lost you tooth too, just skip that class to avoid that much hassle and bad attention.

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Posted on October 21st, 2013 by dawn


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