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Pretend Crush Gone Wrong

I have a bad habit of lying about who I really like. I would fake the liking feeling and gush about how I totally admire a certain guy when I actually do not. This is a tactic I have considered effective for fending off malicious suspicion between my best friend and me.

Well, it is not like whatever they suspect has no truth to it. He is the one I truly like, but I could never admit that since he is the ex-boyfriend of one of my best friends. With that said, I did all sorts of things to divert other people’s attention from my friendship with him so that they would not get any strange ideas.

But there was one time when the pretense had gone wrong. As it is, one of the guys I pretended to like actually likes me. And a certain common friend we have, who really thought I was into him as he is to me, came to a resolution to push the guy to make a move on me. Upon knowing this, I immediately told him the crush feeling already wore off, as if it were just make-up that could immediately be removed upon will. Cruel, yes, but according to my discretion, to make him hope further would be much worse.

Hands down to the guy, he did not bear any grudge against me. Although we became awkward with one another after some time, we are already in good terms right now. I promised myself I would no longer have these silly pretenses as I have learned it may actually lead to something more that I did not ask for.

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Posted on May 6th, 2013 by simplejoys


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