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Wise are not always wise

I was at a crossroads in my life. I have two children depending on me for protection and provision. I was completely overwhelmed with it all. I began to hang around people who really sounded like they had it all together. When the crisis became full fledged panic, I was offered a promise that I would receive everything I needed to put our life back together. I only had to move 1100 miles from anyone I knew, change my beliefs, and even my looks. I did so, fully believing these people were successful, even if not rich, in all the things that mattered to me.
For a short while, everything was wonderful! Then truth started coming out. I had blindly followed people who were now victimizing me and my children to achieve their own goals. I was crushed. I returned to the faith I knew. I restored relationships with family and friends. I learned that wise sounding people may not always be wise, and to follow blindly those who have not established themselves first in your life, is not going to land you where you want to go. Stability, love, and safety is the greatest necessities in life. Consistency, faith, and determination are what holds me together.

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Posted on May 9th, 2013 by apw51


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