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Important Things in Life

In today’s society, materialistic desires are not uncommon. Nearly everyone has a goal that they are working towards, something they want to have, or a kind of life they want to live. Especially since such materialistic values are now masquerading as the ‘American Dream’. Now, there is nothing wrong with desiring materialistic things. Like everything, it requires a balance. Unfortunately, I fell into the trap of wanting only materialistic items without any regard to my husband or children.

It started slowly. I hadn’t bought anything for myself in years, and decided to for Mother’s Day. After that I couldn’t stop looking at items for myself. It didn’t matter what they were – jewelry, makeup, clothing, books, shoes, even video games. I wanted it all. It slowly consumed every thought of my waking and even sleeping moments. I constantly asked my husband for something new, never pleased with getting something else. It was never enough and I always wanted more. I was never happy with what I had. Yet I was so obsessed with the thought of more that I couldn’t stop myself. My husband finally stopped me one day, confronting me and confessing that it didn’t matter what our monetary circumstances were. No matter if we were dirt poor or extravagantly rich, he would be the happiest man in the world as long as he had me and our children. When he confided this in me, I burst into tears. I was so ashamed of myself and how I had lost sight of what was truly important. Material items were absolutely meaningless compared to my husband and children. They were what meant the world to me. I didn’t need all these nice things in order to be happy – all I needed was my family and their love to be truly happy.

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Posted on May 20th, 2014 by Anonymous


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