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Dating in the Workplace

Ever heard the phrase “never mix business with pleasure”? Because I believe the person who came up with it was a very smart individual or at least someone who’d made that mistake way too many times to count. Needless to say, I can very much relate though it only took me once to learn it. It was the year after graduation and I was working at a soup and salad lunch spot near 23rd street. It’s very popular if I do say so myself. But anyways, long story short I fell for the dishwasher. He was charismatic, hilariously funny, oh so cute, but also held the outline of a bad boy. It was a combination I couldn’t, and still to this day wouldn’t, resist. The whole ordeal started off real nice, as they always do. A little flirting here and there between breaks and not to mention the eye capturing conversations whenever we’d come in contact. Not only that, but there would also be a string of child play every now and then as well. He had a very playful disposition, so to speak, and would ‘sword fight’ and chase each other around the kitchen area. Yeah, we should’ve been fired but luckily we were always careful. (That’s work lingo for we were lucky as hell.) And as time went by, and we continued our lustrous flirting, I started to think that yes, maybe I could have a relationship with this person. I mean just because everyone always says don’t date anyone in the same workforce as you didn’t mean it would turn out the same for me. I was special and I was different so of course I would get different results right? NO!

In the place we worked in we were constantly receiving new people and within two weeks’ time we received a girl who became, and is still now, one of my best’s friends. As we would walk to Red Mango, we would have conversations about the hot dishwasher in which I would smile because I harbored the secret of being his interests. That possibly could’ve been mistake one. And as our talks would become more frequent there soon came a day, during work, while he was walking into work and I saw a twinge in her eyes as he camp up to her to order some soup. It was the same twinge that I would have. And as she served him his soup and he went downstairs, she looked to me and smiled. So did I.

“You’ve got it bad,” I told her.

“I know cause you know we be texting each other right..” she said.

I always wondered if the volcano I felt exploding into violent shocks ever appeared on my face when she said that. I guess now I’ll never know. But I did learn that dating in the work place, or even intending to start one, is a very bad idea. Because let’s say if your luck is as bad as mine, you’d have to see that person every day and have to be “civilized” when really you just want to take the tongs and castrate him. So, take it from me and the guy who created the phrase: “never mix business with pleasure”.

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Posted on May 23rd, 2014 by Jimi19


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