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Mind to Keep the Receipt

My friends say my head is caught up in the clouds too often to be considered normal. I could not really argue with them since I have these certain moments of absentmindedness that usually lead to what I consider as self-mutilation –like when my index finger bled like crazy after a door slammed shut on it and when my foot was run over by our family car– or, on a lighter note, to embarrassing moments. It is a surprise how they could still stand being with me even though they know of this fact.

One such occasion is that time when we were purchasing a drink from a store within the vicinity of our university. We just had our Citizen Advancement Training at that time and so I was really exhausted, which basically translates that my inattentiveness was very likely to be triggered.

I gave my order to the one manning the cashier, and I was given the receipt. I was talking animatedly with my friend regarding the training we just had when I was struck that I no longer have the receipt with me. I searched through the pockets of my jeans and inside my bag but it was nowhere to be found. Then my friend reminded me that I threw something in the trash bin while we were in the middle of conversation.

Shamed yet again for the umpteenth time, I kindly asked assistance from the cashier about my dilemma. Good thing, he was a good guy and easy to talk to and so he gave me another copy of the receipt.

After that, my friend suggested that I should stop being such a blabbermouth sometimes so that I would not be so preoccupied to notice the (stupid) things that I am doing.

I could not agree more with her.

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Posted on May 21st, 2013 by simplejoys


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