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Too Young To Drive

Our family has one extra motorcycle and I really wanted to drive that but I was still too young because I was only a high school freshman that time. Summer came and I was looking for things to do and then I decided to learn driving that motor. I really can’t do that on my own so I asked my big brother to teach me (he was a senior high school that time). We both still don’t have a driver’s license but my brother can drive so well already so I thought driving a motorcycle would be simple. I sat on the motor and he told me to go neutral and test the engine first. I didn’t know about neutral or what not so I just tested the engine and then the motor ran. I am not sure about what exactly happened because it was a blur to me, I just realized that I already fell into a pool of sewage and it was so gross. My father scolded me and my brother after that incident. I learned to be patient because of that experience and also to study everything first before trying to lessen the danger.

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Posted on May 27th, 2013 by Es Tee


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