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Losing a Golden Opportunity on a Top University

There is this certain university in our country known for its prestige in providing students top quality education. It is funded by the government, and so students would only need to pay minimal tuition fee which will be decided from the income tax return of the family they belong to.

Naturally, it is every youth’s dream to qualify for this university. Some may wish to save a good deal of money for college, while others only want to gauge their intellectual abilities. From all around the country, there were tens of thousands who took the test to prove themselves worthy of being a scholar.

Unlike the rest of the young population of the country, I did not take any interest on the test. Knowing that I will not be attending that university even if I do pass the test, I just saw no point in paying for the application and going through the trouble of taking the entrance examination.

But who was I kidding? Of course, I wanted to take the exam as well. I wanted to see how I will fair against the other students from all over the archipelago. But I was deeply disheartened by the fear of failing and the possible shame that will most probably come along with it.

It has been a month since the results were released. I could only watch from afar how those who passed rejoiced as they received the good news. If only I believed in my abilities; if only I disregarded the consequences should I fail to nail it; if only I just tried, then perhaps, I would not be suffering in silence in utmost regret.

I could only hope that I would no longer let go of another valuable opportunity in the future.

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Posted on May 27th, 2013 by simplejoys


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