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Going berserk

I keep my emotions firmly under the lid most of the times. And that`s a problem, because although it spares me the chagrin of many petty squabbles, it lets a lot of anger and frustration build up inside. Naturally, all that pent-up rage will erupt eventually, usually getting me into a lot of trouble.

As it often happens in school, if you are not a predator, you are the prey. So I would always have to put up with at least one classmate who was bent on making my day as unpleasant as possible by annoying the life out of me. On that particular day I`ve had had rather a lot coming my way, with some poor test results just in and a fight I had with my best friend. The last thing I needed was someone on my tail while I got the map ready for Geography class (I was on duty that week). I looked at my classmate for a brief second just as he was pulling a mocking grin and I remembered all the humiliations and times I didn`t fight back in the past few months and I lost control. Next thing I knew, as I regained my composure, was I`ve had hit him with hard edge of the map right under the eye. He was just as shocked as I was for a few seconds but then, of course, he threatened he would tell the teacher how crazy I am.

Luckily the teacher knew me as a `good girl` who wouldn`t do anything unprovoked, but to this day it baffles me and scares me how easily a victim can become a villain, in a few seconds of uncontrolled anger.

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Posted on June 4th, 2013 by mel


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