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A Day on the Go

Age: Thirteen. More than fifteen legs stood at the bus stop, only eight of which matter. These legs belonged to Tomy, David, Darius, and I. About halfway through our freshman year of high school, the four of us had confidence where we should have had common sense. It was proposed that we not go to school. A vote of unanimity had us walking to Tomy’s house where he had promised us refuge. Kings of fate san in a presumably vacant house and started a movie that rhymes with “Jonnie Jarko.” The details of how Tommy knew his mother was approaching elude me, but he shot up from his seat and warned is that she would be pulling into the driveway soon. Intending to take one for the team, Tommy ushered is through his backdoor and our party of four became three. Tomy got in trouble. With a new plan, we walked one street down to my parentless abode. Carefree once again, we continued our flick and laughed loudly at the circumstance. The merriment was cut short by the sound of my patriarchal family member and sent us running upstairs to my room. Darius and David quickly occupied the closet and I hid myself under the television (I fit in there at the time). I heard my name called and I knew I had to reveal myself. What followed was a human hour of stern conversation (fairly one-sided). My poor friends awaited their conclusion in dark uncertainty. I was in trouble; but in a small window of opportunity, I stealthily released my friends into the world. Often I wonder whether my stepfather heard their hasty exit from the restroom which concealed him. What was missed in school, I cannot say. Today’s wisdom has made it clear to me that we made our day more difficult for ourselves. Had we simply attended our classes, the day’s strife would undoubtedly be less; A lesson in going with the flow.

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Posted on June 9th, 2013 by Vittles


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