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A month before my high school graduation my mother told me to enrol at a scholarship program. I wasn’t exactly eager to do it but I didn’t want to dishearten my mother. I asked for the requirements and after she gave it to me I started compiling the needed documents. I gave the documents to my mother so she could submit it for me since my class starts at seven in the morning and ends at five in the afternoon. When the documents were successfully submitted they gave us a schedule on when I was supposed to take the exam. The last requirement was to be on the top sixty applicants basing on our scores we would accumulate on the examination. The examination was time pressure, I suck at math so I had a hard time answering it and I wasn’t able to finish the entire exam. I didn’t expect to pass the exam since I wasn’t able to complete it and I told my mother so she wouldn’t expect much. When the results came I was on top sixty one. I felt a punch of disappointment…another inch and I would have made it. I’m the kind who prefers zero than having an almost passing grade. What’s the difference anyway? I didn’t study for this particular exam and it’s not due to arrogance but force of hobbit. When my mother told me that I was near the top sixty I thought…if I had study I would have probably made it.
I didn’t give the opportunity my best shot and I found myself an inch from the finishing line. I was filled with regret and mountains of ifs. And I realize…that I want to give my best shot at everything because I don’t like the feeling of hovering near success.

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Posted on June 16th, 2013 by Itsme


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