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My first job came before I owned a vehicle. As a food clerk, my work experience began. It wasn’t uncommon for a friend to act as my ride to and fro. Randy, was the name of my primary ride as he was the closest. On the days that I had to work after school, Randy would stop by the department store at which I was employed. Unfortunately for my teenage self, after school was the primary time for socializing; even more so on Fridays. It matters not why I was in trouble at this time, but I was to go home immediately after my shift. As Randy’s vehicle slowed to a stop, I could clearly deduce that there were more people in the car as well. I gave into temptation and called my mother from the car, telling her I had to stay later than scheduled. I sat there in the backseat and felt as if I had secured the last seat on a rocket ship off a dying planet. The vehicle had not been going for a twelfth of an hour when, in mu casual observance, I made visual contact with a car that looked exactly like the one my parents used. The woman behind the wheel also bore a striking resemblance to my mother. I had been discovered and only time separated my punishment and I. I know that my situation was worsened with lying (this truth carries over to most scenarios). Needless to say, Randy wasn’t allowed to be my ride for a while.

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Posted on June 20th, 2013 by Vittles


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