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Sleeping on airplane

For some reason, I always fall asleep on the airplane the first hour or two no matter how hard I try to stay awake. In the past, before I fall asleep, I would always check the food tray to see if there is any stain or anything sticky and they would always come up with none. Still I would be careful and only put my face on my arms which fold nicely onto the food tray (yes I’m that small). However, I recently took a flight to Texas for business purpose and this time I was really tired and I made an assumption that the food tray was also clean (as in filled with germs that are invisible to the eyes) so I put my face on my arms and fell asleep. I even remember my lips touching the tray for a while. I meant to move it, but I was just dead tired to make an attempt. When I woke up. to my horror, I saw the tray had a lot of stains on it. Looks like someone dripped blood from rare steak or something, but the color looked awful. I was so disgusted and couldn’t wipe and clean my lips and face fast enough. The lesson here is to never assume something turn out alright even if it had always been in the past. Take time to verify things, especially when it only takes a second to look.

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Posted on June 4th, 2014 by Anonymous


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