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There are those who like to eat dogs (it’s gross but it’s the truth!). The general rule is do not let your precious dog out unless you want it to turn into food. Before the issue with dog eaters y dog used to follow me whenever I live the house, if ever I was to use vehicles she would return on her own. One day I was panicking because I was late for school. I usually don’t care if I was late for about fifteen minutes but the difference was it was our final exam. I scold our renters whenever they forget to lock our gate but I was so out of focus that I forgot. Apparently my loyal dog followed me out but I could not hear her because and earphone was plug to my ears and I did not look back. When I got home I didn’t mind that she didn’t greet me. I only realized that she had gone missing when I was about to feed her. I went out the street and tried whistling but to no avail. I could just not find her. I asked for my father’s help and he asked for my dog’s whereabouts. When he came back he told me that some drunkards found my dog and had him with their dirty beer! I stared dumbfounded at my father.
I was afraid to have another pet because of what happened. My temporary neglect of my dog cost me to lose her forever. It might sound cliché but yes…you find its importance when you lose it much so when there’s no way to get it back.

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Posted on June 28th, 2013 by Itsme


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