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You are who you are!

I have a mixed ethnic background. And as it often happens with people in my situation, I had some identity issues throughout my childhood and teenage years.

To all those in a similar situation, I would urge you to stop looking at things from a black and white perspective. You might feel like you have to choose one heritage and ignore or even renounce the other one. Don`t! Here is a simple fact of life: those who have something against you, will treat you with suspicion even if you choose to give up a part of yourself, while those who couldn`t care less about these things… well, just don`t care about which side you decide to be on.

As I found, most people fall into the second category, and only a few will actually give you a hard time because of who you cannot help but be. Ethnic conflict has never been an issue in my family, yet I still felt pressured, because of the few nasty people around me, to choose a side. So, for a few years, I was a very proud Hungarian, treating everything Romanian about me and around me with contempt. Then, a few years later, I switched allegiances.

Fortunately for me, I only got light mockery for my foolishness. I guess my parents knew I would realize what they had always believed. You are who you are and you can`t help it. The only thing that matters and you should worry about – nationality or ethnicity notwithstanding – is how you treat people.

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Posted on June 28th, 2013 by mel


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