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The Adventure of Sonicthehedgehog

It’s safe to say that my family I primarily a dong-friendly family; cats on the other hand, are an unwelcome guest at our family table. Despite this tendency, my mother allowed me to have a pet kitten. The cat was very unfriendly and seemed to want to have a rep around the household. This was at my parents’ first house and my mother’s brother (who had two outside dogs) was staying in the garage that had been recently renovated like a room. Somehow Sonicthehedgehog, my kitten, succeeded in exiting the house. When I arrived after school, I was woefully informed that my cat’s short adventure concluded with my Uncle’s eldest pup. Sheba, rested somewhere near digesting my ex-pet. I was sad, as to be expected; but I felt no anger towards Sheba. I remember them loading her into their truck and releasing her in a lot as if to play for a while before returning home. I began to cry when I realized what they were doing. I watched Sheba running round from the backseat as we moved along the road; I’m not sure if she knew what was happening. Sheba had been in my backyard for what felt was a justifiable amount of time to be my pet too. Perhaps what they did was padded with other factors that led them to their eventual conclusion. I forgave Sheba, but she wasn’t part of our family anymore.
Sheba showed up at my Aunt’s house near the lot and she took him and gave her care. From that day, I learned how important it is to forgive those who wrong us; especially when others cannot.

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Posted on July 6th, 2013 by Vittles


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