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It Broke!

I’m the type who plans what I wear while I take a shower. While the water drops on my body my mind starts working on what to wear. I usually consider the weather. Will it rain? Is a hot day or a cold one? I must tell you though…my mind fails me sometimes…or is it the clothes? Anyway, there are times when I change a couple of times usually checking the half body sized mirror if I looked okay. On a particular day, my mind actually did me good on attire for the day. So I prepared everything taking time to find the chosen clothes. I stared at my appearance on the mirror and smiled with satisfaction. I grabbed my bag and head down. The problem was…the sandals that I was supposed to wear was doing Mr Smiley on me. I quickly tried several pairs of scandals mindful of the time (Thank God I was early this time!). After trying all the pairs I had I concluded that only one pair would do unless I wanted to wear snickers…which I don’t. I applied mighty band on the scandals and stepped on it while counting to ten. I then quickly donned it and left. I was near the school when I felt uneasy. I wasn’t sure if it was broken again so I walked to a convenient store only to be told that they don’t have anything that I could use to repair the sandals. I headed out, dragging my feet to avoid embarrassment. An idea sparked in my head so I bought bubble gums on the side walk. When I arrived at school I went straight to the ‘ladies’. I shut myself at a cubicle and removed my scandals. Just as I thought…it broke! I then furiously chewed the gums then used it on my sandals. To my relief it actually worked!
I swore never to insist on wearing something broken just to look good. Stupid me! I had to constantly check if the bubble gum was still doing the tricked while praying it won’t rain. When I got home I didn’t hesitate to throw it on the garbage can. What a disaster!

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Posted on July 7th, 2013 by Itsme


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