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Rent adventure

I got myself into quite a mess one time. It was the end of term and my flatmates wanted to look for another accommodation. I wasn`t particularly keen on moving, but I wanted to hang around with them and so I agreed to join them, despite my parents` protest who thought I had no reason to move unless I found someplace cheaper.

I had a several deadlines so I didn`t join my friends in their perusal of the housing market. When they turned up all excited about this nice little house they had found, I went with their option, too busy with my assignments to ask more details. And then, after paying the deposit and signing the contract (and actually taking the time to read it), I realised I was in big trouble. Not only it wasn`t cheaper, but the new accommodation would be considerably more expensive. Something which I knew my parents would NOT be too happy to hear. A bit panicky, but still determined to make things right, I had to find someone to take my place for the signed contract and also find a new accommodation for myself.

Most of my summer holiday I had to make secret phone calls from home and talk to landlords about their offers without my parents knowing anything about what had happened. I didn`t want to be lectured, although I knew I fully deserved it.
I only told them the whole story after I had finally managed to straighten things out and – all`s well when it ends well – I actually found a cheaper place to stay. But was it worth the stress and keeping a secret from my family? Definitely not and it`s not something I`ve advise you to waste your summer holiday on.

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Posted on July 10th, 2013 by mel


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