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My father, brother, and I walked along a long stretch of road without vehicular or technological aid. As we approached the last hour of sunlight given by the day, I remarked silently how I had become one of those people I had seen from time to time. Abandoning our totaled red truck, an accident sometimes doesn’t give you many options. This was before the security cell phones give us today. Several hours passed, the previous idea I had held about hitchhikers burned in my mind because we weren’t conmen or villains. We meant no harm but people, understandably, weren’t willing to take that chance. Still, every time a car could be heard, my father turned and flashed his thumb. I remember looking at us thinking that, had I been driving by, I wouldn’t have stopped either. A small red four door sedan pulled over and a smoking individual got out of the driver’s seat to open the front door. Two children slightly older than us squeezed (“squoze?”) to one side making just enough room for the three of us. I sat there observing the presumable parents partake in their cigarettes. Dad made small talk with the nice tobacco tokers until we arrived at our house. The couple was nice enough to refuse when my dad tried to pay them in gratitude. You simply can’t accurately judge someone by a single characteristic be it smoking or hitchhiking.

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Posted on July 13th, 2013 by Vittles


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