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Good Vibrations

I think by adulthood we all have heard that we should pass on good vibes. If someone gives you a ride, give the next person a ride; “What goes around, comes around, “as they say. Growing, up, I had to experience this lesson firsthand. With a shaky driving record at sixteen, my next fender-bender was coming; it was just a matter of time. Exiting my transport unit in the hasty fashion that then, was the norm, I had scarcely heard the evil prang of carmetal before I realized what had happened. In a cloud of frustrated stress, I retrieved my insurance info and prepared to battle the dragon of the assaulted motorist. To my unexpected surprise, the Zen-looking woman asked me if I was alright. My positive reply sent her to patiently inspect both points of collision. Driving away from the scene, I felt God’s love crashing down on me like a waterfall. How could she have so easily overlooked such an inconvenience? Whether she was an angel sent to teach me or a murderer who didn’t want the cops involved does not affect the meaning of this occurrence. Almost exactly a week later, I heard a thump from inside my car and exited to find my own frustrated face on that of a little old woman. I knew what must be done; I asked the lady id she was alright, inspected the insignificant damage, and sent her on her way with a smile. The tiny motorist seemed as surprised as she was grateful. The good things what happen aren’t for us to selfishly eat, for you see, then the deed dies with us. It is our duty, when we encounter love, to keep it alive and pass it on. Life is a wheel, when it doesn’t stop on us, we should all keep it spinning.

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Posted on July 26th, 2013 by Vittles


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