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Concepts of Goal

I was a tomboy when I was a kid. I used to climb walls, get into petty fights with boys, watch WWE and used to look out of the classroom window where school boys used to play football in the playground. This story is related to football now.

I was 12 years old when I finally decided to go and ask the boys to teach me football so that I could play with them and you never know they could make me their team member. One fine day during recess I went to the playground and stopped the boys who were playing. I asked them to teach me football. They made fun of me saying “you can’t its better you go and play the girlie games.” I requested a lot and asked to give me one chance. Finally they agreed and the lesson no:1 started. The first lesson was all about how to hit the ball, the correct position of foot while hitting, details about the game, conditions and ground rules. It was a bit lengthy lecture and trust me I ignored many parts of it. Now, the practice session……yipeeeeeeee I was so happy because I was about to hit my first goal. Everybody reminded me again and again do not hit the ball with a straight foot. Guess what I did what I was asked not to do. I hit the ball so hard with my foot straight that I broke my right foot thumb nail and it started bleeding. I held my foot and was jumping on the ground. Forgot to say I was barefooted because I was not prepared with sport shoes. Everybody gathered and provided first aid and for the next 1 week I was not able to wear my school shoes. After that I never dared to go and play football but still the wish remains the same in my heart.

Lesson: While playing sports always be attentive and listen to the guidelines carefully before you start.

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Posted on June 21st, 2014 by Anonymous


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