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Polite not Smart

I have joined in my first job at 17th, November, 2011. I was so excited to join in a multinational company and used to treat all other employee very politely. Even sometimes they blame me with wrong issue, like for anything I am not responsible, I return a smile to them and politely replied that this was not my mistake, it was someone else. In the meantime I did not notice that whenever some other employee was charged with something for which they are nor responsible they become angry and start shouting with the person who is giving this wrong blame. As a result whenever there is something wrong happen in the office, the persons who are polite and not shout with other employee for wrong blame, are given all the blame as the remaining employees realize how much rude behave we show to them they will answer us politely. I am not saying not saying that being polite with your colleagues is wrong. But being ‘too much’ polite and not saying anything to the person who is being rude to you may lead to an uncomfortable work environment for you. Because it is very hard to change the ‘so polite’ image for which others are taking advantage of you. So don’t make mistake like me. Be ‘Smart’ not ‘Polite’. Treat people in office in the same way they treat you.

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Posted on August 9th, 2013 by shajib86


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